This section covers the current context of your business. Most of it will be pre-populated through the setup process.


Mission and vision statements set the direction for an organization. This is a key starting point for uncovering the long-term impacts you most want to achieve and building out your Pathways.

Building Your Company's Vision

Mission 101: Creating a Mission Statement That Inspires


This is a summary statement that describes your pathway to achieving your mission. The dedicated PATHWAYS section provides additional resources for developing your overarching thesis.

Contributing Catalysts

These are the external forces, trends, and changes that are catalytic to the change you are trying to achieve. They can include technological, social, economic, environmental, or political changes emerging and underway. These help you pay attention to external, systemic dynamics that could introduce risk and unlock opportunities. They are important to consider in your PATHWAYS.

Catalytic Contributions

These are the key drivers of the knock-on effects that might arise from the change you are introducing. They could include new capabilities, behaviours, beliefs, value chains that could influence risks and opportunities in the ecosystem around you. These also help you pay attention to the systemic impacts you may be creating. They are important to consider in your PATHWAYS.


Where we operate and where our customers are can influence the kinds of outcomes that a company and its products and services can and do have. Maintaining an inventory of those locations helps to provide a reminder that we should pay attention to it.

Products and Services

This is a primary source of the impact a company can have on the world. In order to get a fuller picture however of how those products and services impact and are impacted by the world around you, we flesh out a little more context. These additional components will be particularly useful as you build out your PATHWAYS and Use Cases, and monitor and analyze IMPLICATIONS.