<aside> 👋 Hi there! This is a companion guide to the Mission OS. It exists help you take small steps to meaningfully improve outcomes over the life of your company.


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The Mission OS is a simple resource that's meant to integrate into your existing management practices, grow with you, and be available for wherever your mission may take you. If you find yourself needing a resource or field guide that's not here, get in touch through the channels above.

Getting Started

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Check out the following field guide for instructions to get started with your Mission OS:

Getting Started with your Mission OS

Mission OS

The Mission OS is an excel based management resource. It helps to capture and develop the components and insights needed to integrate your mission and achieve better outcomes.

It is organized into a series of worksheets that can be completed and iterated over time. The best results come from using this as a management resource as part of your company's existing management systems and cadence.

<aside> 👑 For best results, build a monthly or quarterly cadence that's aligned with your firm's management process. Take the first period to get oriented with your Mission OS. Then dive deeper on priority actions step by step. Get in touch any time you are stuck.


Management: A captain's log for mission and impact questions, actions, and priorities.

Management Worksheet Guide

Context: Surface key aspects of your company and how it interacts with the world.

Context Worksheet Guide

Pathways: Articulate the pathways that lead from what you do, to what you want to achieve.

Pathways Worksheet Guide